About Roots
Roots Montessori took its first steps on the 8th of May 2004. In line with the strong commitment towards the Montessori philosophy, freedom and respect for the child have been the mantra at Roots.

Considering the strong foundation that the child builds for himself with the help of the environment he is exposed to during his formative years, the school is aptly named, ‘Roots’. Keeping in mind the absorbent quality of the child’s mind between 2 1/2 to 6 years of age, we believe that if the ‘Roots’ are strong and well developed then the ‘fruits’ of the tree will surely be sweet.

Hence, the decision to follow the Montessori Method emerged out of the belief that children are naturally smart, energetic and curious besides being eager to learn if they are provided the right environment. This is achieved through the Montessori Method.

Roots began its journey with a single centre at Jayanagar and staff strength of five members. Today, it has grown into the largest pre-school chain (practising the Montessori Method) with many centres across Bangalore.

Directors' Thoughts
"Children's education has often been confused with discipline and order that is repetitive. The 'Kindergarten' (method) meaning 'Children's Garden' has entered classrooms with no gardens around. The spirit of fun and freedom is often missing," says Pruthvi Banwasi, Director, Roots Montessori.

"In such a scenario, Montessori Method offers a respite. Thanks to this method, everyday we witness discipline fostered in children through freedom, display of creativity and independence through their activities."

"Every individual blossoms best when nurtured in an atmosphere of affection and freedom just as Nature nurtures every bud that blooms into a beautiful flower," adds Pranothi Banwasi, Director, Roots Montessori.